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The sports medicine or "Sport" is a multidisciplinary specialty formed in turn by different medical areas, for whose integration is required, in addition to the phase of academic and hospital training, assistance to the athlete, both in the field of sports, in training or skills, as in the laboratory of morphological and physiological assessments.

As all medical specialty is based on three fundamental pillars: support function, the function of teaching and the research function, besides special emphasis to preventive medicine and respecting the guiding principles.

Areas of the sports medicine:

- Prevention and quality of life

- Assessment of the fitness physical: structural and functional.

- Physiology of exercise (responses and adaptations).

- Sport traumatology.

- Maximum performance-related factors (genetic and environmental: health, fitness, nutrition and training).

- Physical activity in the different ages of life (childhood, adolescence, adulthood, old age).

- Physical activity and sport in the female therapeutic movement (rehabilitation).

- Pharmacology of Doping in sport and physical activity.

- Medical assistance to sports teams.


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