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It is a surgery to replace all or part of the hip joint by an artificial joint, which is called a prosthesis.


The hip joint is composed of two main parts.

An or both parts can be replaced during surgery:

  • The cavity of the hip (a part of the pelvis called the acetabulum bone)
  • The upper end of the femur (called the femoral head)

The new hip that will replace the old hip is composed of the following parts:

  • A drink, typically made of strong metal.

  • An insert, which fits into the Cup or acetabulum, usually, is plastic, but some surgeons are now rehearsing with other materials such as ceramics and metal. Insert allows the hip move easily.
  • A ball of metal or ceramic that will replace (top) round head of the femur.
  • A metal stem that is attached to the femur to give more stability to the joint.


Why the procedure is performed

The most common reason for a hip replacement is to provide relief for the pain of arthritis which is limiting their activities.

Arthroplasty of hip usually is done in people 60 years or more. Younger people who gets a hip replacement can put extra stress on the artificial hip. This tension may result joint wear and part or all of it may need a new replacement if that happens.

Your doctor may recommend an Arthroplasty of hip for these problems:

  • You can not sleep at night because of the pain in the hip.
  • Your hip pain has not improved with other treatments.
  • Hip Pain limits it or prevents him from performing normal activities, such as bathing, food preparation, perform household chores and walking.

Other reasons to replace the hip joint are:

  • Fractures in the femur. Older adults often have hip replacement surgeries for this reason.
  • Tumors of the hip joint.


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