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Medical tourism or health tourism is a global phenomenon which involves travel to another city or country to receive any treatment or care medical (such as surgeries, treatments, 1 2 rehabilitation) or the type of wellness as beauty treatments or spa.

The term "health tourism" is appropriate to describe this activity, since technically the "medical tourism" does not include other procedures such as the aesthetic, dental or similar.

They also have tourist health services offered at spas, private health care at home, in general, expenses which may be reduced if they carried out in another country, taking advantage of the difference in income per capita, safety, public transport or the quality of the public health system as a therapeutic target.

Without scientific basis, are not considered to pilgrimage of people health tourism with diseases in search of healing through faith, highlights of religious mythology, places of so-called epiphanies as Fatima or Lourdes in Europe.


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